We have created an independent database of female writers for producers to access. The database is free of charge, and for use by productions no matter which broadcaster they are making a show for.  
The database consists of female writers of scripted comedy and comedy entertainment. We ask for a minimum of one professional writing credit, whether from radio, television, theatre, film, short film or podcast. 
Accessing the Database
If you are a female writer with a minimum of one professional writing credit please click here to email us.
Once you have been given access you will create and manage your own login details. Writers are responsible for uploading their own cvs, and any other information you would like on there.
If you are a producer or agent and would like access to the database please click here to contact us.
The database is hosted by The Talent Manager on The Talent Manager website. Producers will be vetted by Comedy 50:50 and The Talent Manager, we need to know that only legitimate media professionals are using the database in order to secure writer safety, and then once approved, producers will be given log-in details. 
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