Former Commissioners and Executive Producers present their fast and informative guide to devising and pitching great ideas.

Please note this is not a free Comedy 50:50 event and is run via Grand Scheme Media via Eventbrite bookings.

Wed 12th May @ 11 – 12.30

Tickets are £27.54 and are bookable on the Eventbrite link –

About this Event

This workshop analyses what it takes to create a successful format for television. We look at the themes, beats and structure of current popular shows and discuss why those shows have connected with audiences and commissioning editors.

This is a chance for you to think more deeply about your own formats and how to pitch in a way that will cut through in a competitive marketplace. 

It should be enjoyed by anyone involved in devising ideas for the screen.

  • Understanding The Landscape
  • Understanding The Commissioning Process
  • What Kind of Ideas Do Commissioners Want?
  • What’s The best Way To Pitch My Ideas?

The session is delivered by GRAHAM SMITH (BBC, CHANNEL 4, CHANNEL 5) and MARK ROBSON (ITV). Mark and Graham have worked in TV for over 30 years, devising, pitching, packaging and producing hit shows – as well as working as commissioners.