I'm a writer.  Can I still add myself to the database?
Yes.  Go to the database tab and click on 'I am a writer'.  You will then receive a link to set yourself up.

My CV is on the database.  Can I update it?
Yes, you have your own log-in details and can access and update your profile at any time.

What can I put on the database?
You can upload whatever you want including CVs, showreels, short films, biogs.

Is it free?
Yes.  It is a free resource for writers, producers and agents.

Who has access to my details?
Producers, agents and broadcasters provided that they have met our security requirements and created a company log-in.

I'm having problems using the database.  Who can I contact for help?

Is the database only for UK based writers?
No, anyone can be included on the database as long as they have at least one professional writing credit.  This can be short film, film, radio, television, theatre or podcast.