Here's a re-cap of some of the things we talked about:
Our database is now up and running
Writers: if you would like to be on the database please email us and let us know.
If you have received your log-in email please remember to click on the activation link and to upload your CVs and biog details
Producers: Producers, you were emailed a link earlier this week so you can now apply for log-in details. Producers will be vetted by Comedy 50:50 and The Talent Manager as we need to know that only legitimate media professionals are using the database in order to secure writer safety.  Once approved, producers will be given log-in details. 
Agents & Broadcasters: If you'd like to access the database, please email us and we'll set up your account.
Agents, if your clients would like to be on the database, they need to email us directly.
Please spread the word about the database.  
Writers can sign up at any time, and we'd love it to become a resource that is used across the industry.
We’ve linked up with Jane Saunders from ScreenSkills, and we are going to start with a small pilot run involving a select number of writers and then extend it from there. There will be more information about this at our next event. 
Lynne Parker of Funny Women is running a free workshop called Stand Up To Stand Out which is about using comedy to address issues of confidence.  
The workshop will be held here at ITV on 26th March. It will be from 3-5pm. There are 15 places available on a first come, first served basis. Please contact us by email if you'd like a place.
Shadowing Placement on Plebs There is the opportunity to shadow a couple of writing meetings on Plebs and attending the table read in April and the notes session afterwards. Sam Leifer (writer / director) has been an enthusiastic supporter of Comedy 50:50 and is keen to mentor and create writing opportunities for female writers with Rise Films. So this could be a great opportunity beyond shadowing the writing process on Plebs. If you would like to be considered, please email Comedy 50:50 by 7th March with a writing sample. This will be passed on to Sam who will select a writer.
* Producers, if you would like to offer placements on your productions for the shadowing scheme, I’d love to hear from you *
The BBC Writersroom regular window for unsolicited comedy scripts is open between 5pm on April 1st - 5pm on 29th April and these can be TV, film, radio, stage or online scripts.  All information is available on BBC Writersroom website.
BAFTA is holding a female only Script to Screen Panel in partnership with Grazia taking place on International Women's Day on 8th March.
BAFTA is also currently running a writing competition with Grazia Magazine Rachel De-Lahay, a screenwriter whose work has appeared on Channel 4, Amazon and Netflix is currently being showcased through BAFTA Elevate, an initiative that aims to address underrepresentation in film and TV. Rachel has written the start of the opening scene of a new film called The Void. You need to continue the screenplay in no more than 10 pages (including Rachel’s opening lines), something that equates to roughly the first 10 minutes of a feature-length film, sending it to Grazia Magazine by 29th March.  You can find more details including the start of the screenplay at or
Kay Stonham (writer) is setting up regular scripted table reads, for writers to hear their work performed and for producers and agents to discover writing talent.  Any writers, producers, performers who would like to get involved, please email Kay via the Comedy 50:50 email address.
Feedback please
We will be inviting guest speakers to our events so please email us suggesting topics that you’d like to hear covered, and I’d also love to hear suggestions from producers and agents as well as writers. 
What else would you like from our events?  
Are the short introductory meetings something we should continue with?  We'd love to hear your thoughts.
Production companies, if you’d like to set up any events in conjunction with Comedy 50:50 we’d be delighted to work with you.
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