Iain Stirling's CelebAbility
Iain Stirling's CelebAbility is back for a brand new series on ITV2. We are looking for female Comedy Writers with comedy panel/gameshow experience. Writing period 1st Nov- Dec 18th 2019. Please contact: potato@itv.com
Closing date for submissions Friday 11th October.
Female Pilots' Club
The Female Pilots' Club is taking off again on 25th September at The Museum of Comedy.  In the cockpit this time are Lorna Woolfson with a very funny take on history, 'Tudor Roses' and Pip Swallow with 'Great Expectations,’ a smart satirical look at care in modern Britain. Flying with us will be, Robert Webb, Kerry Howard, Vivienne Acheampong, Amer Chadha Patel, Rhoda Ofori Attah, Joe Johnsey and more awaiting confirmation. 
Please buy tickets fast before they all go https://museumofcomedy.ticketsolve.com/shows/873607370
The next Female Pilot Club will be on November 26th we've one script in place which we're bursting to tell you about but are still looking for another so keep 'em coming!
Immediate Writing Opportunity With HotSauce TV
Hotsauce TV (makers of The Jonathan Ross Show, Big Fat Quiz of the Year) are looking to expand their writing team with experienced female writers.
The ideal candidates would have experience writing on high profile, topical comedy entertainment TV shows, or radio shows, and be used to constructing topical monologues, as well as links and guest introductions throughout the show. We are now in production on The Jonathan Ross Show and will be making 15 weekly shows between mid Sept-Dec, so we are keen to hear from possible candidates as soon as possible.
Please email your CVs to peter.hackett@hotsaucetv.co.uk
BIFA’s Unconscious Bias Training
Limited Offer: 50% off BIFA’s Unconscious Bias Training in September with Comedy 50:50.
A limited number of places are available to TV comedy professionals via Comedy 50:50, at 50% off. Training will cover:
How the decision-making process works and what factors can influence it
Where logical decision-making can go wrong and lead us to illogical conclusions
What is an unconscious bias and what can we be unconsciously biased against?
How to recognise and mitigate against unconscious biases on a personal level and in group work / discussions
This training equips attendees with vital skills and tools in decision-making, leadership, management and communications. It is relevant and applicable to all film and TV professionals but we’re particularly keen that it is delivered to those with significant decision-making power over projects and personnel, such as: Commissioners, Producers, Developers, Heads of Department and Agents.
The 90min session takes place on Thurs 5 Sep, 12.30pm at Regent Street Cinema, and on Thurs 19 Sep, 10am at Curzon Soho. Book here, ensuring you select ‘Comedy 50:50’ to receive the discount.
Applications to be a mentor or a mentee are open until 31st July. Click here to find out more.
Writers’ Surgeries
Emma Obank and Ellen Gallagher from literary agency Casarotto Ramsay & Associates will be holding monthly surgeries for unrepresented female comedy writers starting on the 4th September 2019. Please be aware that Casarotto are very unlikely to be able to offer representation to any writers that take part in the surgeries – the intention of these sessions is instead to provide in-person contact with professional agents where they can answer any questions you may have about how the Film & TV industry operates and give advice on how to build profile. To request an appointment please email fiftyfifty@casarotto.co.uk with your details and some information about yourself and your writing. They will be in touch as and when candidates are selected for the surgeries.
Casarotto Ramsay & Associates was founded in 1989 and represents many of the world’s best known writers, directors, literary properties, and below the line talent in film, theatre and television. Their clients range from newer talents to very well established names, which means that they work across the complete spectrum. They are based in London but operate internationally.
Female Pilots' Club
Comedy writer/performers Kay Stonham and Abigail Burdess have launched the Female Pilots’ Club in association with Comedy 50:50.
The club will get together to do public read-throughs of brand new sitcom pilots written by some of the best female comedy writers and read by some of the best comedy actors in Britain.
The first show of the Female Pilots’ Club was held on the 25th June 2019 at 7pm at the Museum of Comedy - with Tracy Ann Oberman, Arabella Weir, Robert Webb and Jordan Stephens.
We’re keen on getting twenty-five minute sitcoms but we’re also considering comedy features. If you’d like your sitcom or feature to be read by great actors at a lovely venue in central London please send your ten page extract and summary to comedyfiftyfifty@itv.com or if you don’t have an extract, but do have a 25 minute script, just send that.
If you have a script co-written with a fella feel free to send it. We’re still considering our policy on that one.
We’re choosing which scripts to read based on all sorts of things, including the availability of actors to read them, and which ideas complement each other. If we don’t choose yours immediately it may be because we’re waiting for a particular actor to be free, or another high concept idea to turn up, rather than because we don’t like the script. Or we may not have got round to reading it yet. Please bear with us as we have already had quite a response, and we’re working for free. If we want to include your script in the Pilots’ Club, we’ll email you and ask if it’s still available. We’d appreciate it if, say, you sell the script for a million pounds, that you let us know that it’s no longer for our consideration.
We plan to record these read-throughs, to create documents for private use by the writers.
Efficient Women's Writing
When ITV's Comedy 50:50 initiative offered the first 15 writers to reply to the newsletter the chance to attend Lynne Parker's Funny Women Workshop, one of the fortunate 15 was former EMMERDALE and CORONATION STREET storyliner, Denise Watson. “I've never pressed 'send' so quickly!” explains Denise. “I was about to leave a steady and very enjoyable job in one of the country’s most successful story offices, to return to the sometimes precarious world of freelance scriptwriting, so I figured Lynne’s workshop would be a great way of kick-starting my new adventure,” she adds.
But after spending a couple of hours with her fellow writers in that workshop, Denise recognised the vast array of talent in the room and decided she didn’t want their newly-formed bond to end. “Having worked in a story office for four years, I know how important it is to get the right mix of creatives if you want to produce great work, and I felt we had that mix at the workshop. As I left London with Lynne's mantra of 'Stand Up To Stand Out' ringing in my ears, on the train back up north I decided to act on her great advice. The next day I contacted Comedy 50:50 and asked for everyone's contact details, to see if the others wanted to meet up again. And they did!” explains Denise.
That's how the Efficient Women's Writersroom was born, a diverse group of 12 women writers, directors and actors who meet every month back in that same workshop space at ITV in London.
“Not only are we working on some amazingly brilliant comedy pitches, but we're also able to support each other as we tread our own individual paths through the world of freelance writing,” says Denise. “We’ll be approaching production companies with our ideas soon and we’re all feeling really optimistic about the future. We’re so grateful that ITV, and in particular Comedy 50:50, are continuing to support us.”
Past Opportunities:
June 2019: Shadowing on The Late Late Show with James Corden (Tasha Dhanraj)
April 2019: Shadowing on Plebs Series 5 (Stevie Cooke)
Tues 26th March 2019: Stand Up To Stand Out Workshop with Funny Woman in association with Comedy 50:50
September 2019: BBC Writersroom and Comedy 50:50 session: Learn to Write Topical Jokes with Grainne Maguire.
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