Comedy 50:50 is an initiative to address gender imbalance in comedy. Our aim is to change a culture. This is not about hitting quotas or targets as some form of box ticking exercise, it is about implementing practical measures as a way to achieve equal representation. We are working towards changing the mindset and inherent systems that currently skew the genre away from enabling female writing talent, performers, directors and crew to have equal presence. It is our belief that we will be creating better television, film, theatre and radio if our output in the entertainment industry reflects the diverse range of voices that make up society. Our intention is one of inclusivity and to push forward changes in a manner that is respectful to all talent. We are starting by directing our focus towards writers, but our aim is to extend the initiative to all aspects of comedy performance and production. We won’t achieve 50:50 overnight, but by creating practical measures that result in incremental change, we will see a difference.

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2022 FUNNY WOMEN AWARDS GRAND FINAL Celebrating the best newcomers in the comedy industry across stage, comedy writing and creation, the 2022 Funny Women Awards grand final

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ITV, 2 Waterhouse Square, 140 Holborn, London ECI 2AE

How Do I Get Involved?


Look at the gender balance of your writing teams, your crew, your on screen talent. Aim for 50:50.

Whilst we want Comedy 50:50 to create employment for women, many writers have expressed interest in shadowing schemes. Please contact us to offer shadowing placements for writers on your shows.  There is a high demand for shadowing opportunities on both scripted and comedy entertainment shows.

If you are interested in setting up workshops, forums, or any writing schemes in conjunction with Comedy 50:50 please contact us.  


Come to our events and participate in our networking sessions.  We ask producers to meet with three writers, each for ten minutes.  At our next event, we will be facilitating agent / writer introductory meetings.
"The networking events organised by 50:50 have been insanely valuable for me and I’d advise any new female writer to make the most of them. At the first event in February I met two production companies who I began working with almost immediately to develop two TV sitcoms and pitch them to commissioners. I’m part of a male/female comedy writing partnership and thanks to 50:50 I’ve been able to link up with producers that really champion us as new writers. Without this initiative I might never have had these exciting opportunities."
Kat Butterfield
"I was invited to shadow a Plebs writing meeting with Sam and the rest of the team, and it was a fantastic experience. It was really interesting to learn about their writing process and to listen to the script feedback from the producers – all of which has been really useful to think about in terms of my own projects. The week after I was invited to attend the read through and sit in on the feedback session afterwards. Being able to get this kind of insight into the scripting process on a long-running show is invaluable, so I’m really grateful for Sam and the 50:50 team for offering me this opportunity."
Stevie Cooke
"We’ve committed as a business to offer 50:50 opportunities on every project. If a show is male writer led, the writers room will have shadowing placements for female writers. If the show is female led, it will have 50:50 shadowing opportunities for male writers. We want female writers to empower female writers and we want our male writers shadowing those female writers to start tackling mindsets."
Andrew Doree
Hell Fire!

Companies Supporting Us

Comedy 50:50 is supported by BAFTAThe RTSFunny WomenWGGBEra 50:50ScreenSkills and BBC Writers Room, who together are helping make a change in the industry.